New Service at Local's Corner, Claudine, Sweet Woodruff; No More Brunch at State Bird Provisions


The exterior of Local’s Corner. Photo: ©

Some restaurants have added hours to their regular schedules: right on time, ~LOCAL’S CORNER~ starts dinner service tonight, Tuesday April 17th. You can check out the menu here. Served Tue-Sat 6pm-10pm. (Good looking site, guys!)

~CLAUDINE~ in the Financial District is now serving Saturday dinner from 5:30pm-10pm (dinner is already served Mon-Fri). Lunch will continue Mon-Fri 11:30am-4:30pm.

And Eater notes ~SWEET WOODRUFF~ has started weekend brunch service from 10:30am-2:30pm. See the menu here.

Lastly, ~STATE BIRD PROVISIONS~ has decided to discontinue Sunday brunch service after trying it out for four weeks. Chef-owner Stuart Brioza said it was a good exercise, and mentioned they may revisit it at a later time, but for now, they are going to be closed on Sundays. He also said to stand by for some upcoming Sunday activities in June—I’ll keep you posted.