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Sep 27, 2011 2 min read

Valencia Happenings: West of Pecos, La Rondalla Activity, and Wine Bars

Valencia Happenings: West of Pecos, La Rondalla Activity, and Wine Bars
Photo by Helene Goupil for Mission Local.
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Lots going on on Valencia (isn’t there always?). First up, there’s been a change of concept for Dylan MacNiven of Woodhouse Fish Co.’s project slated to open in the former Bombay Bazar and Ice Creamery location. Instead of Mohave, which was his Southwestern concept, it seems neighbor Puerto Alegre wasn’t too thrilled, so the latest is WEST OF PECOS, serving rustic American fare, according to Mission Local. The opening should be about six months out or so, according to MacNiven. Stand by for more details soon. 548 Valencia St. at 17th St.

I’ve been keeping my eye on the slow-going construction at LA RONDALLA for a long time, and finally some details emerge about what the hell has been going on in there. According to Mission Local, the daughters of the original owner, Carlos Barrios, are going to be running the place after renovations are complete (they hit some snags with their previous contractor, hence the lack of any construction activity for a while). The sisters are hoping to reopen by the end of the year, and “will feature traditional Mexican cuisine in a Hacienda-like atmosphere. They will keep the popular margaritas, but they also want to modernize the menu a little. … The daughters hope that Mario Hernandez who has been a cook at the family restaurant for more than 20 years, will come back and work with them but Luna [one of the daughters] said she hasn’t asked him yet.” 901 Valencia St. at 20th St.

And over at the former Parea Wine Bar, new ownership is morphing it into ETCETERA WINE BAR, which should be opening soon. The owner wasn’t very forthcoming with details when my intern went by a couple months ago (all we learned was there will also be small plates and coffee), so we’ll just have to wait and see until I have a chance to connect with the owner. 795 Valencia St. at 19th St.

More wine: B³ (Burgers, Bottles, Bites) is now WINEMAKERS’ SPEAKEASY, according to Grub Street. The status: “one of the original partners is helping to reopen it as a wine-tasting facility that will double as a pop-up venue for chefs.” Grub Street mentions the wines will be from small producers, and the burgers will be no more, replaced with some “wine-friendly appetizers, a meat plate, and the like.” Check the website for calendar updates and more. 1152 Valencia St. at 22nd St., 415-401-7258.

Photo by Helene Goupil for Mission Local.

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