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Apr 17, 2014 2 min read

This week's tablehopper: bip bip.

This week's tablehopper: bip bip.
The glory that is pão de queijo. Photo: © tablehopper.com.
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Bom dia! Since I have been home sick this week, I finally had some time to edit all the photos from my trip to Rio de Janeiro last summer (I took waaaay too many pics), and write up the first jetsetter installment of my weeklong visit there. I know some of you lucky ducks are planning a trip to Brazil for World Cup, so hopefully my Rio adventure can be of assistance to those of you who are going. You can look at my pictures here (I’m slowly but surely adding captions over the next couple of days), and I will have the second half of jetsetter piece in a few weeks (which will include where to get my favorite thing I ate in Rio: acarajé!).

Some other pieces for you to take a look at: over on 7x7.com, I have a recap of the four new pizza places that I have been checking out over the past few weeks, and my weekly Tablehopping column for the Bay Guardian has some more picks for Passover and Easter.

I’m going to be missing the 4/20 contact high on Sunday in SF—I’ll be spending Easter Sunday with my family in San Mateo, and yes, there will be capretto (baby goat). Although I am also really inspired by this video on Gianni.TV about making torta pasqualina, check that beauty out! Buona Pasqua!

One last little tidbit for you: yesterday I ran a sponsored email for Flywheel, which inspired one of those charming “I’m unsubscribing!” emails from a cranky reader. (Excuse me, but tablehopper is free, how do you think I pay the bills over here? Magic?)

But I hope you took a look at the email, because Flywheel is offering $10 off your next ride, whether you have used the service before or not. (Personally, it’s my preferred way to get around right now—the app is much faster than it was. And the drivers rock—they’re cabbies. Use code “HOPBACK” if you’d like to try it again—there are only 50 available!) Anyway, you can read more here. And a sincere thanks to Flywheel for keeping the wheels turning over here!

Have a great weekend, everyone. Marcia Gagliardi

The glory that is pão de queijo. Photo: © tablehopper.com.View tablehopper Newsletter from Friday, Apr 18 2014

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