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Oct 5, 2015 2 min read

This week's tablehopper: huarache lights.

This week's tablehopper: huarache lights.
Now that’s how to start a party: the raw bar at Stones Throw’s industry party last night. Photo: ©
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It’s a miracle today’s column even got written, but that’s where wonder woman/associate editor Dana Eastland saved the day (grazie, bella). Last night I was invited to co-host a thank-you dinner by Stones Throw for all the chefs who have cooked at their Eat Like a Chef/Drink Like a Somm charity series of dinners. I’m normally at my desk on Monday nights burning the midnight oil, but instead, I got to sit across the overflowing table (I blame you, chef Jason Halverson!) from the inimitable Robert Sinskey, with chef Bruce Hill to my right and chef Roland Passot to my left—and a whole lotta prime rib in between all of us. Thanks to the Stones Throw team for the generous feast, and all the chefs and somms who have donated their time to this awesome program!

This past weekend was of course action-packed: I started my Saturday moderating a panel on restaurant innovation at the Bon Appétech conference, and then you couldn’t have come up with more of a 180-degreen turn for where I went to next. After many years of hearing about Angelo Garro’s mythic Renaissance Forge in SoMa, I finally got an invite to his annual spit-roasted pig party. The space dates back to the early 1900s; it’s Garro’s blacksmithing shop and test kitchen and lab and man cave and everything else. It was quite the epic party, with a spit-roasted wild pig that was on the rotisserie for hours (loaded with herbs and fennel), handmade pizzas by Mitchell Rosenthal (Jersey) and his wife Mary Pult (plus ribs from Town Hall), beans and salads and charcuterie and cheese, and of course some homemade wine from Angelo. What a party, it was one of my favorites of the year.

The party was in honor of the latest release of Angelo’s Omnivore Salt (Limone) and his upcoming hot sauces, and if you contribute to his current Kickstarter campaign, you’ll see some great prizes, including the ability to attend the pig roast next year or have a private party at The Forge. Trust, you want any invite you can get to this magical and completely singular space. Take a look at my pictures from the event here.

Another big Italian event I hope you have on your radar is the upcoming James Beard Taste America San Francisco event, a celebration of Italian cuisine called A Night of Culinary Stars on October 23rd. I will be emceeing this epic night at Bimbo’s 365 Club with Brian Boitano (!) and you won’t believe the culinary and cocktail and wine talent who will be there. A few updates: I received word that Sarah Rich (Rich Table) has joined the roster of award-winning chefs that night, and there are only about 30 tickets left! Hop to it.

This week, we have the Blue Angels and everyone else roaring into town for Fleet Week, and I can’t wait for Pop-Up Magazine this Wednesday and the Jamie XX show this Friday, where I will hopefully work off some of this prime rib.

And on Sunday, I really hope you’re going to come visit me at Litquake’s Eat, Drink, and Be Literary event, where I will be selling tablehopper vintage SF restaurant and bar T-shirts and Blue Fox hoodies! Come say hi!

Have a great week.

Marcia Gagliardi

Now that’s how to start a party: the raw bar at Stones Throw’s industry party last night. Photo: © tablehopper Newsletter from Tuesday, Oct  6 2015

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