October 9, 2007

Time for another update in the health nut—you thought I was slacking, didn’t you? I was actually too sick to make the first Titan Fitness Fit Camp training session, but I have since enjoyed two evening sessions, one in Dolores Park and the other in Kezar Stadium, and one Saturday day session. It’s been fun to work out with a couple tablehopper readers who joined with me—we can bond over food, and now, over challenging leg exercises!

There’s really something to be said for working out in a park, and not in a gym—especially with the crisp fall early evening air. Then again, you also get to have friends at an afternoon birthday party in Dolores Park make fun of you while you’re doing crunches, and they’re drinking sangria. Grrrrrreat.

Instructors Jeremy and Patrick do a nice job of pushing you, but not so much that you totally strain yourself silly. I dig the range of exercises they have us do—pretty creative stuff that really works individual muscles and groups, and since there aren’t a lot of us, you really get good individual attention—not the kind that’s like, “Hey, so tell me where you grew up” but more like, “Marcia, clench your butt more.” I definitely work harder for them than I would ever do on my own, let alone even work out, you know? When you have a class, you HAVE to show up.

One quick note about a change to the format, which is convenient: Titan decided to open enrollment, rather than running six-week blocks. So instead of purchasing six-week sessions, members can purchase credits—but to maintain a level of commitment, these packages expire in eight weeks. This way you can start at any time, and if you have a business trip or whatever, no matter, you can make up the classes later, within the eight-week timeframe. Got it? Great. Now gimme ten.