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Dec 10, 2013 1 min read

Dive Bars: Ha-Ra Club Reportedly for Sale, Update on Plans for Pop's

Dive Bars: Ha-Ra Club Reportedly for Sale, Update on Plans for Pop's
The sign at the Ha-Ra (one of my faves). Photo: © tablehopper.com.
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Ummm, I am not quite sure to make of this post on Tenderlife that the HA-RA CLUB is up for sale. Nooooo! Rick the owner is full of amazing stories. I remember Carl the bartender was as salty and mean as they come, so delightfully cranky until he decided he liked you and would give you a Budweiser mini, but then skip your selection on the jukebox (that you paid for) with his remote as he shouted, “I hate this song!” It was like having Archie Bunker as your bartender. The boxing memorabilia is awesome (the Ha-Ra got its name from the founders, pro wrestler Hank Hanastead and heavyweight boxer Ralph Figari, Rick the owner’s dad). No one picked up when I tried calling for info, so I think I’m gonna have to come by for a drink and see what’s going on before I get sad. 875 Geary St. at Larkin, 415-673-3148.

Last week I received an email (after my column posted) from Michael Krouse of Madrone Art Bar, who wanted to follow up on our post and let us know he was the new owner taking over POP’S BAR in the Mission. In his email he said, “Please let it be known that POP’S is not going away. Pop’s was started in 1947 by Jack O’Connor, after his return from World War II. His father helped him open the bar, hence the name. In my opinion, any bar that has lasted 67 years has earned the right to carry on. There will be changes, however they will be done with a nod of the hat to all the owners that have come before myself.” I followed up with a phone call, and Krouse said remodeling won’t start until 90 days or so after the transfer, and that he’s still figuring out what the renovation will entail. He said he has always liked the bar, and wants to maintain its sense of history and character. And cheap beer will still be available too. 2800 24th St. at York.

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