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Feb 2, 2010 1 min read

Lacroix Says Au Revoir to the Ritz-Carlton Dining Room

Lacroix Says Au Revoir to the Ritz-Carlton Dining Room
Photo: Mark Johann Photography.
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This one’s a biggie: after ten years as the wine director of ~THE DINING ROOM AT THE RITZ-CARLTON~, Stephane Lacroix is resigning and moving to New York. He is going to be the GM at Gilt, the luxe restaurant in the New York Palace that earned two Michelin stars this year. While Lacroix is sorry to leave, he is looking forward to the challenge of a new position in a new city. His last day at the Ritz is February 20th. His wife Estelle, who many may remember from Myth, is excited about the move to New York, and is currently interviewing for a position. Best of luck to this lovely couple; thank you for all the years of your oh-so-classy hospitality.

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