(Sponsored): It's Holiday Time! Let Whole Foods Market Get Busy in the Kitchen for You.

This year is the year—you’re going to cook like crazy and turn out a holiday spread that looks like something from a glossy magazine. But then your boss springs a must-do project on you. Your fourth grader gets the flu. And your spouse has to make an impromptu two-week business trip to Des Moines.

Don’t worry—NorCal Whole Foods Market has got you deliciously covered.

Just log onto our holiday meals website from the comfort of your couch (or desk) and create your own special holiday menu. You can let us do everything—turkey, sides, dessert, flowers—or mix-and-match: we cook some, and you order ingredients to cook your favorites yourself.

Once you place your order, we’ll get everything ready for you so you just have to make one trip to your local store.

So go log on to our Holiday Shop, and let us make this your most stress-free, delicious holiday ever.