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Feb 4, 2014 1 min read

Michelle Obama

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First Lady Swings Into Town

February  4, 2014

Did the air feel a little crisper on Thursday? Perhaps you felt a stronger-than-usual urge to get up and Move? It was probably because First Lady Michelle Obama was in town, and dining at Cotogna, no less. Our spy said it was quite the sea of black cars, policemen, and suits outside.

Feeding the First Lady

June 21, 2011

Mrs. Obama and chef Gustavo Romero Veytia; photo by Vasha Wilson for Moanalani Jeffrey.

First Lady Michelle Obama was making the rounds in the Bay Area on Tuesday June 14th, first dining on a brunch prepared by Alice Waters while at The Claremont Hotel Club & Spa in Berkeley. She then attended a luncheon prepared by chef Gustavo Romero Veytia of Credo in San Francisco’s Julia Morgan Ballroom; the luncheon was hosted by ballroom owners Clint and Janet Reilly. Chef Gustavo, after learning of Mrs. Obama’s favorite food, created a special order of tamales just for her, made from his family’s recipe.

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