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Aug 23, 2016 3 min read

John Waters

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A Cavalcade of Perversion at Piccino

August 23, 2016

The one and only mustachioed John Waters had lunch at PICCINO with Rena Bransten (who reps his art—which can be seen at her gallery in the Minnesota Project in Dogpatch). Waters was also in town to introduce the screening of his recently restored film Multiple Maniacs at the Alamo Drafthouse on August 19th, which has one more screening this week (on Wednesday).

Cool Waters

August 21, 2012

Chef Chris Cosentino and John Waters; photo via Instagram.

Chris Cosentino of Incanto was very fired up to cook for John Waters: “Holy shit I just cooked for John Waters!!!” That’s about the response I’d have as well.

Picking Up John Waters

June  5, 2012

Chef Mark Estee and John Waters at the on-ramp. Photo courtesy of Mark Estee.

The John Waters fun continues. Remember how last week I mentioned Mr. Waters was hitchhiking across the country? Well, it ends up that during his travels he stopped to eat at Campo in Reno last Monday evening, the new restaurant from my buddy Mark Estee (I was a big fan of his Truckee restaurant, Moody’s).

Well, Mark writes in to tell me, “Tuesday am, my wife and I are headed to St. Helena to run a few errands…knew JW was on the road because he ate with us night before…Who do I see at the on-ramp but the man himself…We pick him up and drive him to a rest stop at Vallejo…Here’s the line of the day: ‘Hi I am John Waters and I am hitching across the USA writing a book, thanks for picking me up.’ I say, ‘Hi I am Mark Estee and I served you your steak rare last night at Campo.’ We had a blast in the car for three hours…What a great, funny, cool cat!” Indeed.

John Waters: Mission Man

May 29, 2012

A reader writes in: “Just walked in Commonwealth and there is John Waters having dinner at the counter.”

Related: did you know John Waters hitchhiked across the U.S., and lucky us, he’s writing a book about it! Here’s a link with more about his fun and funky journey.

A First: A Starlet Sighting at the Uptown

April 24, 2012

That John Waters, he really loves the slum it. According to this pic and post on Uptown Almanac, he of the pencil mustache “climb[ed] out of a mid-90s LeBaron limo” and hung out in the Uptown bar whilst in a smoking jacket. I guess now is as good a time as ever to wish a happy belated birthday to “The Pope of Trash!”

John Waters, Fan of Foreign Cinema

March 27, 2012

On his recent stop in San Francisco to perform, John Waters dined with a friend at Foreign Cinema. He is reportedly a regular when he’s in town, and told chef Gayle Pirie, “You have always fed me so well over the years. How can I resist coming here!? I love it!”

He started with the squid appetizer with poblano chilies, chickpeas, and aioli, and his entrée was the Grains & Greens (quinoa, sauce romesco, broccoli rabe, baby turnips, artichokes, pappadam). So healthy!

John Waters Avec Gents Dine at Marlowe

March  6, 2012

I heard he of the pencil-thin mustache, John Waters, was spotted at Marlowe last Thursday evening dining with two other gentleman (one of which was artist Brett Reichman).

More of the Mustachioed Man

January 17, 2012

Photo of John Waters avec fans via Mission Mission.

After last week’s sighting of John Waters at Rebel, now Mission Mission shares a sighting (and picture!) of him catching the Micro Mtns show at The Knockout. Way to hit the local hangouts, John!

John Waters Spotted at Rebel

January 10, 2012

Last Thursday night, @sneakysbbq tweeted that John Waters was at the bar at Rebel on Market Street, but not eating barbecue. Alas.

Sons & Daughters & Waters

August 17, 2010

Saw a couple tweets about John Waters, who was spotted dining at Sons & Daughters. One tweet mentioned, “Not sure if our table [was] more rowdy, or his!”

What Kind of Water Would He Order?

June  1, 2010

A reader writes, “I was having a few drinks and some appetizers in the bar/lounge at Quince the other night and I saw John Waters having dinner in the private dining room! It was awesome.” I’d have the same reaction.

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